30 June 2014

Midsummer ride and weekend in Pyhä - by Jyrki

The midsummer weekend is a big celebration in Finland. Everybody goes to their summer cottage, lots of food (barbecue), lots of beer, swimming and sauna.
We decided to cycle as long as we can,  from Oulu to Pyhä. Together with friends to a cabin in Pyhätunturi.

Defender charging...
Oulu - Pyhätunturi
We had Mika's old Land Rover Defender with a big trailer as a service car for the trip. We also had another car for people transport.

First stop in Yli-Ii
First we had the intention to go by car to Yli-Ii and then cycle as long as we can towards Pyhä. Unfortunately the weather was going to be cold and rainy in Pyhä, so we decided to start cycling from Oulu as long as possible.
We cycled all day on friday.
Me and Niina cycled 161 km's. From Oulu to Ranua.
It was surprisingly tough this time...

On the saturday we really only relaxed. Me and Niina went geocaching and looking at the beautiful nature up north. Sunday morning we only packed our stuff, cleaned the cabin and headed home.


A big thank you to: Niina, Maija and Mika, Johanna and Juha, Riitta and Tommi + kids for a really relaxing weekend.

- Jyrki

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27 June 2014

The training plan start - by Jyrki

Finally we got to start the real training with my coach Lasse.
It took some time before we could start since it seemed that I was a bit over trained after the marathon. I went to the doctor to have some blood samples taken. From the samples my own doctor (Niina), our work place doctor and Lasse could all see that there is no other problem ongoing which means that I was not enough rested after Mallorca and the marathon. My work doctor just said that he could see that the body had been punished... :-)

Basically after Mallorca we had gone on day-by-day basis with the training. The first week of the picture below was the first week that we had a complete training plan.

Themes for the coming weeks

Weeks 25 - 29: Muscular endurance and balance
Weeks 30 - 31: Speed
Weeks 32 - 33: Taper for Kalmar IM

This is what the first two weeks looked like. It is in Finnish, I don't even know all the terminology in English... :-)

Running 15.6.2014
Viikkosuunnitelma: viikko 25
16.6.2014 – 22.6.2014 
Ti Sangin tempo 10 km (kisavauhti) + loppujäähdyttely fillarilla 20 min + palauttava
juoksu 20 min
Ke Saliharjoitus. Harjoitus 2: Uinti 2 km, josta 10 x 50 metriä nousevalla vauhdilla
(palautus vetojen välissä 30 sekuntia)
To Uinti 2500 metriä (kevyttä, tekniikkapainotus)  
Pe Sali + päälle juoksu – pyörä (spinning) yhdistelmä: Pk 5min + 5 min, 4 + 4 min, VK
3+3 min, 2 + 2 min, 1 + 1 min.
La Uinti 750 m, pyörä 3 x 10 min (ala vk – ylä vk) + juoksu 5 km, josta ensimmäinen
km 4:30, loput 6 min/km
Su Pitkä yhdistelmä 3,5 tuntia, PK ala. (Fillari 2h + sauvakävely 1,5 h)

Viikkosuunnitelma: viikko 26
23.6.2014 – 29.6.2014 
Ti Sangin tempo 10 km (kisavauhti) + palauttava juoksu 20 min
Ke Juoksu 15 km. 3 km lämmittely ja sen jälkeen kilometrin välein vauhdin (5 – 10
sek/km) lisäys aerobiselta kynnykseltä anakynnykselle.
To Uinti 3 x 1000 metriä IM –vauhdilla. Palautus välissä 2 minuuttia.  
Pe Sali + päälle juoksu – pyörä (spinning) yhdistelmä: Pk 5min + 5 min, 4 + 4 min, VK
3+3 min, 2 + 2 min, 1 + 1 min.
La Uinti 4000m (kevyttä). Päivän toinen harjoitus: Pyörä 1h 15 min PK – VK ala.
Su Pitkä yhdistelmä 3,5 tuntia, PK ala. (Fillari 2h + juoksu 1,5 h)
25.5.2014 Modified "Sangin Tempo"
I was not able to perform all exercises due to e.g. the midsummer ride we did. But Lasse will always tell me what the most important sessions are and I try to do everything as planned.
I have a really good feeling about the training plan. I am just a bit disappointed that there has been to many disruptions where I have not been able to fully comply with the plan.

There will be more of this kind of updates in the future :-)

Happy training to all!

- Jyrki

09 June 2014

3 easy weeks after Terwa... - by Jyrki

My training sessions have been really easy after Terwamaraton. On of the main reasons has been that my Orthostatic HR measurements have been a bit weird...
June 2nd

Maybe I am suffering from some kind of stress symptoms from the Ironman 70.3 race and added cycling trips on top.
Then 2 weeks after the race I ran the marathon. Now it feels that the added cycling tours on Mallorca after the race was not a good idea... It was great fun, but from an over-training point of view, not so good... ;-)
June 3rd

Now was also the first chance we had with Lasse to review my mobility and muscular balance. There really was place for improvement... 
I got some really good exercises to do for the next 4 weeks. On top of these exercises I have been "allowed" to do 60 - 90 minutes easy workouts.
I also visited my doctor to get blood tests to confirm that it is only over-training... Should get the test results tomorrow.

June 4th
When we get the test results, Lasse will start to plan the weeks for  Kalmar Ironman.

I have tried to take it easy, and it has actually felt really good, but...
I am anxious to start training harder again...

Buoys waiting for some paint...
In the mean time I have been planning our own small triathlon race that we will have on Sunday the 29th of June.
It will be an unofficial sprint race (750m, 20 km, 5km). The venue for the race is Virpiniemi (https://goo.gl/maps/dg0W1). Next year we will be planning an official race here ;-)

Last week I got the possibility to take the Inbody body composition test. Again my muscular mass was on the high side and very surprisingly my fat mass was on the low side... Well, 13.1 % is low for me ;-)

 Visceral fat was really low for persons of my age and height!

The machine did not have anything to suggest for change in weight, fat mass or muscular mass ;-)

I hope that I will be able to start training harder again soon. I will update the progress here soon...

- Jyrki