14 July 2014

Preparation for FinnTriathlon Joroinen - by Jyrki

5.7.2014: Olympic distance race exercise

Now it was my turn to compete :-) A friend have organized these Olympic distance races between friend for many years already. I was invited for the first time last year, but then it did not fit into my plans. This time the timing was perfect.
The race was organized in the same place than the short distance race a week before. We just doubled all the distances.
The weather was sunny and the water temperature was a bit higher than the week before.

Swim: 1500m
The swim was not very easy for me this time. Normally I use earplugs to keep the water out. Now I did not find any so I had to swim without. The problem I get is that water gets in to the ear and it totally ruins my balance. Not only when coming out of the water but already while swimming.
The time out of the water was 32:14.

Bike: 40 km
The bike route was a bit different than the last weekend. We had to make two left turns on the route which is not always good, but the traffic was quite limited this day.
I did catch up all but one competitor during the bike ride, but it still doesn't feel too good. My average speed was just over 35 km/h while in Joroinen half distance last year it was 36+ km/h.
The time for the bike was 1:06:09.

Run: 10 km
Running is actually starting to feel really good. We ran a 5 km course twice, and I was only overtaken by two runners...:-)
The time for the run was 46:13.

Including the transitions the end time was 2:27:40. It is around 7 minutes faster than my time in Kuopio last year, but it is really impossible to compare the two races...

Thanks Jarmo for organizing this!

12.7.2014: Tervaetapit and an Olympic distance aerobic exercise

No smiling!
Last weekend was a busy one for us. Our club organized a cycling race on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Niina was the official doctor of the cycling races and I helped with traffic control. 
The weather was really hot.
Niina was riding in a air conditioned car watching the races while I was standing in the sunshine getting eaten alive by bugs. I should have gone to medical school... :-)

We were helping out as much as possible but we were still able to squeeze in an Olympic distance exercise at a low pace for both Niina and me. Niina just had to organize for a substitute doctor for the race during our own exercise.
My coach Lasse joined since he also has the Joroinen FinnTriathlon next weekend.
It was an easy just under 3h exercise. We had good time to discuss all possible training issues and plan for the next year.

This week will be easy with some shorter speed exercises.
Thursday is our last day working before a well deserved holiday.
On Friday we will leave for Joroinen and then we will see if the speed is good enough to go sub 5h...

- Jyrki

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