01 July 2014

OTC triathlon - by Jyrki

This weekend it was time to arrange our clubs own triathlon race.

This is a practice race, not an official one.

The idea with this race is to give people who are new to the sport a possibility to attend and to get an authentic experience.

Personally we entered this race 2 years ago with Niina. Back then it was our first triathlon experience. Today I was the "Race Director" :-)

Hopefully I will be able to compete in a 5150 race next week in the same place... ;-)

We were 58 participants in the race. 2 juniors and 56 adults.

My wife and my sister Pia.

Just before the start...

And off we go :-)


 Results women:
  1. Anu Junnila           1:10:39
  2. Johanna Vesa         1:10:51
  3. Niina Salokorpi     1:11:57

Results men:

  1. Panu Lieto              0:52:39
  2. Jouni Kukkonen    1:01:11
  3. Arto Wallin            1:01:31

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