30 June 2014

Midsummer ride and weekend in Pyhä - by Jyrki

The midsummer weekend is a big celebration in Finland. Everybody goes to their summer cottage, lots of food (barbecue), lots of beer, swimming and sauna.
We decided to cycle as long as we can,  from Oulu to Pyhä. Together with friends to a cabin in Pyhätunturi.

Defender charging...
Oulu - Pyhätunturi
We had Mika's old Land Rover Defender with a big trailer as a service car for the trip. We also had another car for people transport.

First stop in Yli-Ii
First we had the intention to go by car to Yli-Ii and then cycle as long as we can towards Pyhä. Unfortunately the weather was going to be cold and rainy in Pyhä, so we decided to start cycling from Oulu as long as possible.
We cycled all day on friday.
Me and Niina cycled 161 km's. From Oulu to Ranua.
It was surprisingly tough this time...

On the saturday we really only relaxed. Me and Niina went geocaching and looking at the beautiful nature up north. Sunday morning we only packed our stuff, cleaned the cabin and headed home.


A big thank you to: Niina, Maija and Mika, Johanna and Juha, Riitta and Tommi + kids for a really relaxing weekend.

- Jyrki

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